My name is Abigail (INTJ), you may shorten it in any way you like.
I mostly post Sherlock, Doctor Who, HP, a little bit of a lot of other fandoms, along with whatever else I find interesting at the moment.
This blog is currently on semi-hiatus (I would like to do well in college) I will infrequently blog whenever I have a bit of free time. Until then... I'm sure you'll survive without me. stay strong home dawgs.
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Ah yes, the look of sheer terror in the third gif will do nicely.

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Hiddlesbatch’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenges completed.

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I went and got all my textbooks online so I only had to spend $0 instead of $500+ I’m such a cool kid! just kidding I have to buy a subscription to the online homework program for the books which also costs $100 and would have been free if I’d bought the book ahahah! 

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Chris Pratt for Men’s Fitness (USA - July/August 2014)

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"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy"

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"And I think he’s just, you know, enjoying every single minute of it, and loving being Doctor Who."

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You’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.


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Greatest thing ever.


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boys are the stupidest fucking things ever i want ten


slow clap for the doctor who fandom

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Thank you Tom

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